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Red Green Blue Laser Pointer Pen Beam Light Style Military Grade

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  • Battery: 2XAAA battery not include
  • Function: Pointer
  • Size: 9*9*1.5mm
  • Control Distance: 500m
  • Model Number: Red Blue Green laser
  • Page Flapper: No
  • USB Interface: No
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Remote Control: No
  • Type: Laser Pen
  • Light Color: Red Blue Green Laser
  • Battery: 2XAAA battery not include
  • Function: Laser pointer
  • Model: Red Green Blue Laser 5mw
  • Use For: Office,Expedition, Teaching
  • Type 1: Pointeur laser
  • Type 2: Laser pointer Red Green Blue
  • Type 3: lazer verde
  • Type 4: powerpoint presenter
  • Type 5: corte a laser
  • Type 6: lanterna laser 

1.Press the push button to turn it on,release the push button to shut if off automatically.
2.It will be used to point at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, and presentation graphics.
3.Also can be used for forensics, illumination, indicating, alignment, sky pointing (astronomy) or just being cool.
1.Friendly reminder:The laser is high power .So it runs out of battery quickly.And please don't keep the laser on continuously for more than 20 seconds or it will get burnt from inside easily.
  • 2.The use of the laser beam is absolutely does not allow the irradiation of the eye in front of humans and animals!
  • 3.Remove the batteries when not in use, put the child is not easy to get a place!
  • 4.If you find that the brightness of the laser beam is seriously reduced Please note that to charge the battery or replace battery.



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